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October 20, 2004

Hi, All:

I thought you might like to see some of the pix from 10/20/04 Comedy Night's fundraiser. Everything went very smoothly. I counted heads towards the end of the show and came up w/at least 45 people and may have missed some - not bad since we were competing w/the rain & the major league playoffs!

Big Thanks to Suzy and her crew for making the evening great! Big Thanks to Art for organizing the event. Big Thanks to Michelle, Julie, Lesley & all of the helping hands that went into making the event a huge success!


Amy Henley

Click on an image to get a larger view.

Bob Frady

Bonus Comedian!

And now, Michelle Lynch (applause)

Look at that crowd

Great audience

Laura Hayden

Lue Deck

Men vs. Women.. who will win?

Thanks Suzy!
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