President's Message

For over 80 years the Redondo Beach Junior Chamber, or what we like to call "The Jaycees", has been able to help the beautiful community Redondo Beach through fundraisers, social events, and volunteer work. We help young people living in this great city to develop and polish their social and business skills, by offering a place where they can interact with others, just like them, who share their interests. We aid in the efforts of fellow non-profit organizations whose objectives are geared towards benefiting community-oriented businesses. We are, as some say, “The Cure for the Common Social Life”, as we enjoy each other’s company with social outings and get-togethers where lifetime friendships are forged.

It’s time we brought this chapter back to its glory days of helping the beautiful community of Redondo Beach. In spite of obstacles we still maintain our vision of progress, and look forward to a new and stronger chapter this year. We are a chapter full of potential which will become an organization driven towards success in our efforts for the betterment of our community and self; it is our belief that every single member can, and will, benefit from a variety of events hosted by the Jaycees.

If we dare to put our minds into it, we can achieve. If we dare put our skills to work, we can build. If we dare take on this humane responsibility with pride, we can succeed, and have fun doing so. After all, we are a group of young people that are looking to have a great time as we make a better world! We are the Jaycees. We are leaders.

I encourage all of you who have taken the time to read this message to take an active role in your community. This world needs more leaders, not followers. The Jaycees can help by giving you the tools necessary to compliment your skills. Whether it’s the Jaycees, the Chamber of Commerce, or even helping your elderly neighbor take out the trash… make a difference, learn, and have fun!

Yours truly,

John Rodriguez
Redondo Beach Junior Chamber

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It is the mission of the Redondo Beach Jaycees to set a trajectory of impacting greatness for our organization through community involvement, leadership training, and personal development